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Community Voices

"I have known Carol Fukunaga for over 30 years.  She has dedicated her career to supporting women and advancing the rights of people in Hawaii.  She cares deeply about our communities and the welfare of those less fortunate and disadvantaged.  


I wholeheartedly endorse Carol as she is an outstanding experienced leader who will represent and advocate in the best interest for the people of Hawaii."


Adriana Ramelli

Retired Executive Director of Sexual Assault Services


"When the Ala Wai Flood Control project was first unveiled, Manoa neighbors immediately saw how disruptive it would be for Manoa valley. I relied on Carol's leadership to help steer the Council towards flood control solutions that respected community values. We brought in a local engineering firm whose engineers met with neighbors in small groups and really listened to what they had to say."


Ann Kobayashi

Retired State Senator and City Councilmember

 “We are privileged to live in one of Hawaii’s most beautiful places with breathtaking rain forest and city views from our homes on the 10-mile Tantalus & Round Top Drive corridor. However, we also face significant challenges such as illegal dumping, a seriously deteriorating roadway, fostered by the tropical overgrowth that visitors and locals alike love to visit and profound drainage problems.


Fortunately, Tantalus residents have always been enthusiastic community partners with our City and State city/state agencies in pursuit of our mutual goals of preserving and protecting this incredible place, home to a magnificent state park and recreational opportunities for so all.


Carol's responsiveness to our needs along with her persistence in getting the job done has made an enormous difference in maintaining the quality of life on Tantalus throughout the many years she has served the community.”

 Mark Bernstein

President, Tantalus Community Association


“Carol appreciates Hawaii’s diversity within its immigrant community. She spearheaded legislation to support Korean heritage sites like the Korean Boarding School, Korean National Association Headquarters, Korean Christian Institute and Korean contributions to the community at large.”

Duk Hee Lee Murabayashi

Makiki resident and historian


 “I’ve lived on the top of Tantalus for 38 years. In addition to being a beautiful conservation area, it has had a long list of special problems in need of solutions. Cars raced past our home all night long and the ongoing crimes, mail theft and car break-ins were frightening. Carol Fukunaga was my go-to, back then and still today. She not only listened and understood the issues, but she and her staff worked beyond expectations to improve each issue.


Carol has never stopped looking for ways to improve public safety. She actually began conversations with City & County, State, Department of Land and Public Resources, Traffic Divisions, the Mayor’s office, all agencies that didn’t have much of a history of working together for a common cause. She pulled them all together and got results. She funded cameras and signage and other security improvements and helped reduce dangerous conditions on this mountain. She created a coalition that is still growing today.

It’s her experience and willingness and her determination that has kept our Tantalus and Round Top neighbors safe. I would probably have moved elsewhere by now if it weren’t for Carol Fukunaga.”

Lynda Sakraida

Tantalus resident and security watch leader

"I like Carol because she has remained steadfast in protecting the urban shorelines for the recreational user during her many years of  serving the people.  Many others and I have surfed almost everyday for years, so it’s good to know that Carol 'has our back.'  Another reason I like Carol is she always looks out for the 'little guy'."

 Ron Iwami

Manoa resident and Kewalo Community leader


 “I support Carol Fukunaga because she listens to community voices and represents the desires of our community. Carol is trustworthy, respectful, responsible, fair, caring and ethical.”

Hubert Minn

Community Advocate


 "During Carol's many years of leadership and service to the community, she has never wavered in her support for community nonprofits like ours.  She's been a strong advocate for the Hawaiian homestead region of Papakolea.   Carol understands the need for community-driven solutions to tackle the social determinants of health that impact our overall well-being."

Puni Kekauoha

Associate Director, Kula no na Po'e Hawai'i

“I first participated in neighborhood action when the State engineers took away access to the H-1 Freeway. Carol helped us demonstrate why it had to be restored. She continues to work with us to address congestion and to improve neighborhood safety.”

Diane Chong

Mānoa resident and safety advocate


 “Carol works to address challenges faced by condo owners. Condo owners have to deal with requirements for sprinklers, plumbing systems, elevators, fire alarms, roofing and spalling repairs. She finds ways to promote safety and to provide financial support for those who can’t afford fire safety upgrades.”

Ted Sakai

Punchbowl condo resident 

“When we saw an alarming increase in the number of vagrants, trash on sidewalks or illegally-parked cars in the neighborhood, Carol connected us to government and homeless service providers to help keep our communities safe.”

Ray Sasaki
Makiki Heights 
Community Assn. VP


 “Carol values what we identify as neighborhood priorities for park improvements. She stood with us in testifying for improvements that retain curbside spaces for family cook-outs and tents at Ala Moana Beach Park.”

Bruce Lum and Shar Chun-Lum

“I’ve always been impressed and touched by CaroI’s caring and compassion towards our kupuna.  Carol’s perspective and state and county experiences make her the perfect leader to help businesses like mine help keep kupuna with mobility-challenges healthy and active in their own homes.”

Debbie Kim Morikawa

Mānoa fitness business owner


“I have worked with Carol on civil rights, non-discrimination, higher education and access to government resources.  I thank her for supporting women’s reproductive rights, language access for immigrants, and addressing health and safety issues.  She is a leader with a track record working collaboratively with community and government organizations to develop policies and fund needed support services programs.  She will be a strong and effective voice in the Senate.”

Dr. Amy Agbayani

Civil rights community advocate

“Carol has worked hard for our community.  She is caring and has many years of experience as an elected official to make our community a better place for all of us and our children.  She appreciates the pivotal role that women have played in expanding voter registration and civic participation in our local Korean community.”

Amanda Chang

Korean American Bar Association officer

2021 ASC_EDIT pix.png

“Carol has always been supportive of public school teachers. She was instrumental in getting the law changed that allowed HSTA to create the Voluntary Employee Benefit Association (VEBA), which allowed HSTA to develop benefit packages saving teachers thousands of dollars.  We need her background and experience in the Senate so we can attract teachers and end the teacher shortage.”

Joan Lee Husted

Retired HSTA Executive Director

"Carol has been a significant community catalyst to help reinvigorate Roosevelt's aging facilities, while addressing neighbors' concerns about noise, increased traffic and parking."

Dennis Hokama 

Retired High School Principal


"As compared to Ala Moana or Waikiki, it is harder for HPD to respond to our crimes in Makiki-Tantalus and Round Top.  Carol connected HPD to our community security team to help us use video footage and similar tools to identify wrongdoers."

Jim Shon

Tantalus resident and former state legislator

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