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I've devoted over 30 years to serving as a state legislator and most recently, as city councilmember, where I fought for transparency, efficiency, and accountability in government.  Our families, neighbors and communities have always been my priority.

Today's challenges are unprecedented.  We are entering what we hope will be a successful post-COVID recovery.  However, from our vantage point in Pacific, we face supply-chain shortages, disruptions to small businesses and the departure of families who cannot afford Hawaiʻi.  It's time to apply Hawaiʻi's COVID-lessons, and use our 'Can-Do!' spirit to create a brighter future.

The 2022 session of the State Legislature funded Department of Hawaiian Homelands to the tune of $600 million dollars, appropriated $50 million for affordable housing, made the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) permanent and refundable for low-income families, funded $30 million to assist Medicare enrollees and funded $75 million in school improvements for the region.

This is a great start to retooling Hawaiʻi's future - and we can do more.   As a committed public school alumni and UH Mānoa graduate, I care deeply about you and your family.  And I pledge to work hard on your behalf!



See Carol's official Senate page here

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